Powerpoint productivity tips

August 25, 2015

Keyboard shortcuts

Alt, H, G, K Send to Back – Send the selected object behind all other objects. – Home > Drawing > Arrange > Send to Back
Alt, H, G, R Bring to Front
Alt, H, G, F Bring Forward

Alt, H, H Distribute Horizontal

……. Crop







Usability in the real world

March 23, 2014

Car park in Belgium: Elevator or toilets?




Car park in Belgium: Where am I parked?




More – Psychology of things book

More https://www.facebook.com/Belgiansolutions

See also: Web bloopers book



Prioritizing fixes for conversion

August 9, 2013

PIE framework @ http://www.widerfunnel.com/conversion-rate-optimization/how-to-prioritize-conversion-rate-optimization-tests-using-pie ++

  • Potential  (Heuristics, voice of customer)
  • How much potential is there for conversion rate lift on this testing opportunity?
  • Importance  (traffic volume, cost)
  • How important is this page? How many visitors will be impacted from the test? What is the traffic volume? What is the cost of the traffic? What is the quality of the traffic? What is the impact on ROI?
  • Ease  (Political, Technical)
  • How easy is it to test on the identified page? What are the barriers, both technical and political, to testing that surround this page



A poll @ http://seewhy.com/blog/2010/09/21/website-conversion-priorities/  gave:

  • SEO
  • Website and Landing Page Optimization:
  1. Reduce clutter
  2. Re-examine text on a page
  3. Re-evaluate form fields



  1. Value proposition  (competitive price-value, etc ?)
  2. Relevance   (what they exepceted)
  3. Clarity  (well-articulated value and CTA. Design, content, eyeflow. Content clarity ensures the images and text combine to minimize comprehension time.)
  4. Urgency  (offers and deadlines )
  5. see article





See also

Prioritizing Usability book/pie chart by Nielsen

Group prioritization with post-it notes

The KJ-Technique: A Group Process for Establishing Priorities

Designing with SEO in mind

July 17, 2012



See periodic table and read http://searchengineland.com/guide/seo

Clever websites to save the world

July 6, 2012
  • Freerice.com – guess word definitions while feeding the hungry  (similar concepts)
  • DuoLingo.com – translate the web while learning a language
  • ReCaptcha – prove that your human while translating digitised books
  • TheHungerSite.com – click to donate for free
  • Ecosia.com  – CO2 search engine  (similar)
  • Blackle.com – power-minimising Google search engine
  • Be my eyes app – support a blind when they need it by giving live commentary to their live video stream
See also: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-easy-ways-charitable-year/

Credibility and trustworthiness of websites

March 28, 2012


“trustworthy” homepages [on first impression] […]  showed high balance, high contrast, moderate graphics-to-text ratio, and moderate text-to-background ratio.

[…] what make something appealing? That was the focus of the third study. There have been a number of models to define appeal (or “aesthetics”) over the years. Lindgaard, et. al analyzed their data with respect to six well-founded design attributes – symmetry, density, balance, contrast, graphics-to-text ration, and text-to-background ratio.”

Information visualisation

July 13, 2011


http://www.informationdesign.org/archives/infoviz/ – Videos, articles