Sketch app tricks

January 10, 2018

Create table

Use  allows paste from e.g. Google Docs


Desktop and enterprise software design

September 27, 2016

UX and UI resources, inspiration

Designing Interfaces (Tidwell), book

About Face 2.0

History and design background of Microsoft Word, probably the oldest software still in use.

User Interface Design and the change from desktop computing

(skip the last part about VMware marketing rant; insight into interface trends. Why are apps so much easier to use? Will desktop software look and feel more like apps in the near future?)


Zoom effect

March 10, 2016


Make a Magnifying Glass Effect in PowerPoint

  1. Duplicate the layer
  2. Crop as a circle
  3. Add Bevel with height 18




How To Create A Simple Zoomed Effect On Screenshots In GIMP



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Interaction design discussion forums

June 13, 2011

Get feedback, free expert opinion and answers to your UX related queries

Last updated: 2 Aug 2011  TIP   (previous forum archived at   (Dutch moderator) +  (get expert feedback on your designs/wireframes) – search what experts (elite members) say by Googling: <keyword terms here>” concept elite OR titan   TIP
SIGIA-L Mailing List OR @
CHI-WEB (seems quiet)
High five babble @ – more about web dev than des  (subscribed via Yahoo groups)
Ask Eric Q&A – (Dutch) (programmer oriented but great answer/voting system)   (frequented by Dan Saffer)   (focus on internet marketing, SEO and site planning, but also usability, persuasive design)

More sites @ and

Many more @ LinkedIn groups   TIP

Website directories, reviews and awards sites

April 4, 2011

Looking for a best website in it’s genre?

Ranking engines

Website rewards  (orange = usability ; filters/tags for responsive etc) +    (with similar filters to # (websites awarded for their visual appeal)   –   (awards web agencies)
Time magazine’s slightly outdated The 25 Best E-commerce sites
BusinessWeek top sites of 2011   x    incl Triggi

Product/concept awards


Website reviews

Directories (ranked)
Yahoo!?   (warning: 90’s designs!) (with Google Rankings)

Ranked but not categorised

Find similar and alternative sites
Google trick 1 = link:URL
Google trick 2 = type part URLs or site names to find similars and alternatives

Best in Benelux

Mobile Usability Per sector –  TIP


By type

My-environment: ASN/ING, Google/Twitter/FB, Mint, Memrise, Blablacar, Booking, Coolblue, apple, bol, bijenkort,

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Usability heuristics

September 30, 2010


Does the wireframe …
  1. Ease of use / usability / navigation    – for specific interactions and overall site experience
  2. Confirm understandings and check for misunderstandings of information
  3. Avoiding Incompleteness and overcompleteness of information –  getting the information that is needed at the right time versus not being overloaded with content that they don’t need.
  4. Match expectations – giving users the right information in the right form/tone at the right time. Exceed expectations, if done well, can give a positive experience.
  5. Avoid annoyances (discomfort, uncertainty, confusion) –  any tasks for which users have to think too long, look around frantically on the site or page, or hesitate to long
  6. Meet the needs – allow users to accomplish their  goals and tasks

Visual design

  • Images should not distract from the main call-to-action.
  • Images should not look as if they’re clickable if they are not
  • The call-to-action should stand out using contrast (see Call to Action book, page 92)
Other articles
read my Wireframe checklist post    (Pros and Cons of different and outdated methods)
Heuristics ++
Research-based Web guidelines(PDF) and online TIP
Yale   uses 25-point list and Nielsen  Usability Checklist  (fix before user testing)
See my UX/Web design Guidelines PPT

Axure versus Balsamiq prototyping tools

September 8, 2010

Balsamiq is simple and easy to use. Once you figure out how to install it, there are many ready-to-use UI elements available as a standard part of the software. There is also an Atlatissan Wiki plug-in available for everyone (even managers) to use.

Axure is more flexible and powerful. Advanced UI elements are also available but as separate downloads. What is great and pretty unique about Axure is that you can make interactive prototypes to demonstrate all kinds of functionality. You can them send these to your clients – all they need is Internet Explorer to simply click through your (multi-page) demo. I also like its ability to produce Word docs and detailed functional specifications – very useful!