Prioritizing fixes for conversion

August 9, 2013

PIE framework @ ++

  • Potential  (Heuristics, voice of customer)
  • How much potential is there for conversion rate lift on this testing opportunity?
  • Importance  (traffic volume, cost)
  • How important is this page? How many visitors will be impacted from the test? What is the traffic volume? What is the cost of the traffic? What is the quality of the traffic? What is the impact on ROI?
  • Ease  (Political, Technical)
  • How easy is it to test on the identified page? What are the barriers, both technical and political, to testing that surround this page



A poll @  gave:

  • SEO
  • Website and Landing Page Optimization:
  1. Reduce clutter
  2. Re-examine text on a page
  3. Re-evaluate form fields


  1. Value proposition  (competitive price-value, etc ?)
  2. Relevance   (what they exepceted)
  3. Clarity  (well-articulated value and CTA. Design, content, eyeflow. Content clarity ensures the images and text combine to minimize comprehension time.)
  4. Urgency  (offers and deadlines )
  5. see article




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