Axure versus Balsamiq prototyping tools

Balsamiq is simple and easy to use. Once you figure out how to install it, there are many ready-to-use UI elements available as a standard part of the software. There is also an Atlatissan Wiki plug-in available for everyone (even managers) to use.

Axure is more flexible and powerful. Advanced UI elements are also available but as separate downloads. What is great and pretty unique about Axure is that you can make interactive prototypes to demonstrate all kinds of functionality. You can them send these to your clients – all they need is Internet Explorer to simply click through your (multi-page) demo. I also like its ability to produce Word docs and detailed functional specifications – very useful!


2 Responses to Axure versus Balsamiq prototyping tools

  1. Dan Moser says:

    Also in the scope of creating interactive prototypes you have Justinmind Prototyper. You can get to do really complex stuff with it. If you are looking for a tool to transmit your ideas efficientlty you should try our software prototypes. You can even create interactions involving real data and calculations, simulating any kind of business logic.
    Check this video


  2. Max says:

    Another HTML interactive tool you might want to check out is Tiggr – With Tiggr you can create, share and preview Web and mobile HTML prototypes. The key is that you can create interactive HTML prototypes with navigation which you can view and test in any browser.

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