How important is performance for conversion

Does performance matter? The UX principle is under 10 seconds.

Above that is supposed to be psychologically intolerable: users get impatient, dissatisfied or worse: they leave.But what about narrowband users, those who are not on broadband but are using dial-up or mobile phones? Aren’t they used to waiting anyway? In which cases may the 10-second rule be broken?

Long waiting times affect customer satisfaction and conversion: customers lose their patience, misinterpret long waiting times as bad service and quick browsing or ordering becomes near to impossible.
On sales and e-commerce sites, users trying to order will call instead or churn to competitors.

Note as mobile speeds are ever increasing (4G), performance may become less of an issue, and websites could trend more towards ‘big design’ with large images, many embedded fonts and videos, etc.

In this series of articles will research and discuss:

When is performance critical for success and conversion?

(evaluating your audience, their system configuration, goals and shopping behaviour in relation to your business)

How to measure performance of your site?

(Pingdom (not free anymore), Google PageSpeed, YSlow, Google Chrome, Firebug, Online speed performance services)

How to improve performance of your website or pages

(YSlow, simplicity is better: less is more   TIP

How does mobile strategy affect speed performance?

Source: BI intelligence


With Bing  ‘”User engagement dropped significantly even with only a 1 second delay. A 2 second delay doubled all the bad metrics.” (by LukeW)

More sources/research @ 

Worth a read

Read but didn’t like: Every second counts: how website performance impacts shopper behaviour  by Elastic Path


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