Conversion and optimization: case studies

Convince your boss with results from actual A/B split and MVT tests.

How to find real-life examples of A/B tests.

Top 5 most frequent A/B tested sites

Amazon      ++  (according to source 1 @ 11:30, everything is analytics based, e.g. search bar size)

Sears, Skype, Monster,, H&R block, T-Mobile, IBM, Citi, MS Live Search Maps, esurance, Disney  (here)

No. 2 online retailer Office Depot   (Forrester 2006)

Check out the clients/references/testimonials of big players on the testing market.


On the other scale, compared to Amazon e.g. eBay (great filtering, but too many links on category pages, also poor product page) overdose the “listening to the user” research (source @ 19mins). The best is mid-way.

Real-life conversion case studies (search engine that searches , and many more…) TIP
[my Rollyo/GSE search engine here]  Most important, they added a product overview and removed redundancy
Google: (keywords, e.g. navigation removed check-out) (case OR) found OR results converted OR conversion OR optimized OR optimization (OR “A/B” OR MVT)

Optimization resources

(websites and blogs dedicated to testing and optimization):

  4.  (Marketing Experiments blog, a bit harder to find actual results) +
  5. +-
  8. have some of the best marketing data
  10. +
  12.  (NV)

More @ (see ‘Case studies’)

Directory of more web resources

Secondary resources

…but still worth checking now and again

Best practices ++

Surprising results

Books (more about measuring and theory, rather than hands-on practical case studies)


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