Improving electronic forms

Online and web forms

For e-commerce businesses it may be cheaper to make some easy fixes to your form than to implement for inline validation. Quick wins, like the ones listed below, may be cheaper to implement and have more effect on conversion than inline validation.

Always consider making these form improvements first:
Remove optional fields. Let users fill that out via their profile after registering.
Make input formats forgiving and if possible auto-correct user’s data for them without surprising the user negatively (don’t show them the corrections you made).
Clean forms and make them easy and fast to scan by eye.
Improve the emotional experience. Make the form page pleasant (e.g. and filling in the form fun (e.g. ex-Flickr) or calm.
Improve error copy and make messages clear, errors fast to detect and easy to correct. For example make use of red highlights and scroll to the error when user clicks Submit button.
Pre-fill fields with gray examples or give a short static explanation just near the field (below or to the right of the field).
Use inline hints to guide the user when clicking on a field.


Best practice     includes DOB. Optimisation maturity unknown.


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