E-commerce design books

E-commerce user experience
$129 for complete book.

Design of sites: : Principles, Processes and Patterns for Crafting a Customer-centered Web Experience
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Design-Sites-Principles-Customer-centered-Experience/dp/020172149X Price: GBP 8.38  (2nd hand, like new)
Relevance:  6/10
ID value:     7/10

Call to Action
GBP 9,09
Relevance:  8/10
ID value:     7/10

Submit Now
Price: GBP 24,75
Relevance:  8/10
ID value:     7/10 *

Web design for ROI
Price: GBP 17,39
Relevance:  7/10
ID value:     6/10

Contextual design: a customer-centered approach
Relevance:  5/10
ID value:     6/10

Designing web navigation
with a chapter about persuasive design
Price:  GBP 21.69
Relevance:  4/10
ID value:     6/10

E-commerce usability
http://www.amazon.co.uk/E-Commerce-Usability-Techniques-line-Experience/dp/0415258340Price: &nbsp ;
GBP 19,94
Relevance:  5/10
ID value:     5/10

Landing page optimization
Price:   GBP 12,99
Relevance:  5/10
ID value:     4/10

Web Copy that Sells
Price: GBP 16,14
Relevance:  5/10
ID value:     3/10

Defensive design for the web
Price: GBP 11,39
Relevance:  3/10
ID value:     5/10


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