Interaction design books

So you want to become an interaction designer.

What books should you read? Well, in my opinion, in order of …

  1. Don’t make me think!    (Steve Krug)
  2. About face 2.0  (latest edition)   (Cooper)  (or the more detailed Design for the digital age by Kim)
  3. The Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines  @
  4. Prioritizing website usability   (Jakob Nielsen)
  5. Elements of user experience (Jesse James Garret)
  6. Designing Interfaces        (Jennifer Tidwell)
  7. Design of sites
  8. Information architecture   (O’Reilley)
  9. Laws of simplicity             (MIT)
  10. Art and science of website design    (Jeffrey Veen)
  11. Principles of design

Check out what people are buying at or what UxD experts recommend at

Other people’s book lists

Usability and Interface Design books, an article by Smashing Magazine
Professor of ID in Sweden @

Free online learning

Articles on Smashing Magazine and are very much worth a read, while LukeW and Nielsen’s Alertbox dive into more detail.

Also read the blogs on it by jesse james garett, Jared M Spool, Jakob Neilsen.

Teach yourself interaction design


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