Visual design

Aesthetics? Emotion?

May contain experience keywords.

Experience keywords
represent the “initial five-second” emotional reaction that personas should feel when viewing the interface.

How to make such a diagram:
– Write and divide into 3 to 5 solid concept groupings.
– then develop those into a final set of experience keywords.
– Be sure to test the appropriateness of the keywords with your team and a few key stakeholders. Believable and visually descriptive keywords will help facilitate visual strategy discussions. Choose experience keywords that you would use to describe a person; these will be easier to design for and your audience will better relate to them
-Supporting keywords with photos or other forms of imagery can also be effective.
can use supportive keywords (thesaurus?)

Source: Using research to end visual design debatesVisual designers need to be involved early in the research process in order to define a sound, defensible visual strategy.


Visual principles

Balance   of overall screen/viewport.  Influences creditibility. An imbalance can draw the eye the one region of the page.

Symmetry of 2 opposite or side-by-side elements. Influences


color, shape, size and negative space

The first guiding principle: Elements that do not act similarly, or do not belong to the same category, shall not look the same.

Zurb tool: ….


How Visual Design Makes for Great UX


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