Paper magazines about interaction design

Subscription-based coffee table material relating to interaction design.
Have them lying around your reception kiosk while clients wait, to inspire and impress them or just to kill trees 😦

About the web. For the masses and businesses. High web 2.0 factor
Also available digitally $ 

by ACM/SIGCHI  (quite academic)
6 issues/year
Requires membership ($50/year for individual, Institutional rates on offer).
This membership provides discounts to events like the CHI conference, as well as access to SIGCHI material in the ACM Digital Library – that’s handy!

3)UX magazine
Often relevant articles
Membership fee: join UPA for $100 + $25 one-of administrative fee

4)Journal of Behaviour & Information Technology
EUR 373,-
Have some nice (academic) papers relevant to our audience and applications. Online also subscription is EUR 939

5)Digital Arts
British and popular. Packed with Tutorials and product news on many aspects of digital design.

6)STEP Inside Design
$90 / year
Design in the broad sense, but with Web/Interactive Design and Business/Legal issues as important topics

Over wat de moderne, coole Nederlandse geek in algemeen bezig houdt. Vaak gadgets, heel soms ook sites/software.
Mobile en office zijn de categorieen die het dichtsbij komen. Heb thuis een kopie liggen, dat bewijst weer wat…

Voor ondernemers voornamelijk

9)NewWebPick and Connection
$2/copy ?
2 magazines focussing on websites and web design studio’s with a high ‘arty’ factor

Oh ooh, 2 more papers mags…

Though targeted at the user rather than the designer, one of their main activities is reviewing websites and software. $7/issue

Practical Web Design (topics for developers, bloggers, UX, etc)  – still more glossy than practical.

Others (Dutch): Emerce, Twinkle, Web Designer
Paper?: BusinessWeek, IT managers



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