Mind Mapping and other brainstorming techniques

Mindmapping is useful for:

  • structuring thoughts and ideas
  • collaborative brainstorming (online and real-time)
  • visualising a set of grouped features or clustered characteristics
  • creating moodboards, sitemaps, …
  • taking notes on relationships
  • cleaner (more legible) and more maintainable, and shareable as opposed to traditional whiteboard scribbles
  • major projects that are split up
    • collaborative site mapping


When brainstorming:

  • Exploration: go for quantity
  • – defer judgement
  • Building: thinking with your hands  (post-its and beyond
  • Role play: act it out  (I click there, and it (system) goes whoosh)  (like kids acting out a shop or other service, you have social scripts built-in and will get a natural feel of how you might react)




Other techniques

Visual diagram (Adaptive Path)

Associations and thesaurus – http://www.clovisdesign.com/IDS/affinitydiagram.htm


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